What does your wine order say about you?

Every lady has her preferred label, a type of wine she loves most, above all others. Her choice says a lot about her, whether it is Merlot or Pinot, Cab Sav or Shiraz, the diverse qualities that make a woman so special are reflected in her choice of wine.

Here is an unscientific analysis of personality type based on wine preference;


Driven, Independent and holds high standards
Always assertive and direct, you command discussion and want your voice to be heard.
Your motto in life probably is – “No Pain, No Gain”.
Your meticulous nature and attention to detail make you successful at work and at home.



Extroverted, stylish and the life of the party.
You’re up to celebrate any occasion and have a positive outlook on life. You care deeply about what others think and will go out of your way to help others. You’re goal-oriented; prefer the finer things in life, and dress to impress!


Hardworking, adaptable and confident
You embrace the things and people you love and are up-to-date with the latest trends. You also are confident in your own choices as well.


Flexible, tolerant and pragmatic
You love to read and you have a great eye for detail. You’re deep and soulful.
You prefer the company of a few close friends rather than a crowd. You have deep thoughts about the world and find pleasure in long, profound conversation as opposed to chatty banter.


Empathetic, responsible and helper-at-heart.
Merlot is often referred to as "easy to drink," just like you; you're easy to get along with.
You pay attention to other people’s needs, emotions, and motives and you act as a catalyst to get things done. You’re social, almost a facilitator, in a group situation.


Easy going, romantic and charming
You're a highly-cultured woman and connect to the world around you with ease.
You’re easy to talk to and an infamous hopeless romantic. You’re free with your heart because you believe in the good in people.

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Focused, analytical and abstract thinker
You’re fresh, elegant and graceful. You are very analytical when it comes to solving problems.
You’re a hard worker and enjoy being successful at everything you do. You make smart decisions and are respected by those around you.


Supportive, attentive and kind
You're the sweetest of sweet, the nicest of nice.
You give great advice and are always the first person friends would call if they were in trouble or going through something. You love to listen to and support your friends.


Stylish, feminine and bubbly
You’re the definition of a girly-girl.
You’re bubbly and personable, which makes you an ideal guest at any party. People always find you easy to be around and a pleasure to socialise with.


Sophisticated, complex and sensual.
You’re the height of sophistication.
You’re a classic Alpha female, always in control of every aspect of your life and kicking ass at everything you do.


A free spirit, fun and lively
You're the life of every party you attend. You have no problem dancing on tables and throwing inhibition to the wind.
You're a true free spirit. You always seem to try things before thinking about the consequences and ingest all life can give you.


Outgoing, exuberant and accepting
You like to have a good time, whether it is dancing in the rain or lounging on a sandy white beach.
You’re the life of the party, adventurous, and love to try new things. You turn your life into a work of art and live it to the fullest.

So, raise your glass, ladies!

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